IT Storage in 2017

Among the storage technology trends poised to have a big year in 2017, cloud-to-cloud backup vendors continue to add capabilities, as user interest in the services grows.

Moving data to the public cloud is cheaper, so backing up to another cloud provider makes economic sense and offers the advantages of off-site backup.

iNNOVO Networks provides cloud services to help businesses make the right technology decisions, provides recommendations for improving application performance and solving customer challenges.

The Cloud has become a core element of any enterprise’s technology strategy. It is a scalable object storage service that provides you with durable, available, secure and cost-efficient object storage suitable for all kinds of workloads.

According to Damian Michael, Managing Director of iNNOVO networks, cloud storage remains one of the most disruptive changes in computing. “Its value proposition is multi-faceted, ranging from significant cost savings over a traditional datacenter approach to the ability to quickly build robust, resilient applications that can scale up as traffic spikes, and scale down as it recedes. iNNOVO Networks takes the confusion, hassle & doubt out of getting the right communication technology into your business.

Providers such as Microsoft have made huge investments in this hybrid cloud model that securely connects applications in the cloud to those remaining in a customer’s data center’’, said Michael. Developers and testers can quickly allocate cloud-based resources, use them for their work, and then free them up when done. Similarly, with the vast, capacious amounts of cheap storage available, data backup to the cloud, and across multiple geographies if desired, becomes a straightforward and inexpensive function. Azure allows businesses to host websites on a secure cloud server that is managed by Microsoft and backed by their up-time guarantees through iNNOVO Networks



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