Credence adds Infocyte to its stable of security solutions

Credence Security, a specialist distribution company focusing on information security and risk management, has joined the Infocyte Partner Program as a distributor of the company’s threat hunting solutions throughout Africa, Pakistan and India. Infocyte’s hunt technology was developed by former US Air Force cybersecurity officers, and fills a gap left by the real-time detection solutions on the market today.

“Infocyte has a unique approach, says Lauren Wain, GM at Credence. “The solution focuses on the post-compromise activity of persistent attackers and insider threats, helping organisations defend their networks and sensitive data.”

Infocyte’s founders developed the solution after years of experience spent tracking down adversaries within some of the largest and most targeted defence networks in the world. Their experience of building the US Military's first malware hunting team provides the company with an unmatched level of operational expertise and equips Infocyte with a highly refined perspective on how to tackle today's security threats.

According to Wain, the number of breaches has soared in the last few years, resulting in the theft of intellectual property, sensitive information being exposed and financial loses of millions of Rand. While the incidence of breaches has increased, “At the same time, the attackers responsible are getting more sophisticated and organised, and are able to lurk in their victims’ networks undetected for months.”, adds Wain.

She says it is obvious that today’s ‘real-time’ security processes are just not effective at detecting that a breach has taken place, the network is compromised, and that information is being exfiltrated.

“What’s exciting about Infocyte’s HUNTTM solution, is that it approaches threat detection from a fresh angle, starting with the presumption that there has been a compromise of security on endpoints. Infocyte HUNT is simple and powerful, touching every endpoint to validate security – reducing risk and allowing customers to manage their breach detection gap. Users are equipped with a tool to proactively track down threats that have slipped by existing defenses, whether they are active or dormant.”

Wain says Infocyte’s solution meets a critical customer need, enabling even junior administrators to become malware hunters. “We are delighted to be adding Infocyte HUNT to Credence’s unparalleled range of security solutions,” says Wain.

When it comes to the network, the importance of security cannot be overestimated, she adds. “Continuous scrutiny is required to keep up with the pace of today’s threat landscape, which is constantly changing. Credence’s objective is to help its customers by ensuring that their most sensitive data is safe from any threat, including data theft. Our methodologies and solutions are specifically designed to allow customers to focus on their core business objectives, and Infocyte’s solution enables them to do exactly that,” she concludes.

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