Elingo support is crucial – Viva Foundation

Mamelodi-based Public Benefit Organisation the Viva Foundation South Africa continues to operate and help transform informal settlements and high priority poverty areas, thanks mainly to the support of partners like leading ICT services and solutions firm Elingo.

Elingo is focused on multimedia contact centre and enterprise IP telephony. For four years the company has served as a reliable support partner and contributor towards the work done by the Foundation.

Established in 2007 the Viva Foundation was set up to breathe new life into impoverished areas. Its mission is to transform these neglected areas into stable and economically viable communities.

The organisation centres its efforts on children (education & orphan care) poverty alleviation (skills- & enterprise development), the arts and sexual violence prevention.

As a front-running technology services provider Elingo has a vested interest in helping to ensure skills development and support budding entrepreneurs.

The company, in the rollout of its CSI programme, supports the establishment of Viva’s service hubs within informal settlements.

Meleney Berry-Kriel, CEO of the Viva Foundation of South Africa, says the organisation finds itself in the unique position of being the only service provider in the local community, serving Alaska, but also in Botrivier (Western Cape) and Bushbuckridge (Mpumalanga).

She confirms that the biggest challenge is to sustain its operational budget

Berry-Kriel says the Foundation could not cope without Elingo’s support. “The support from Elingo is crucial. There is no other way to describe it. Without their support, our programme cannot function. Funding is hard to come by and particularly during the past year or so, we have noticed a decline in support and the extent of support has dwindled, even from our faithful partners. The economy and uncertainty in the country plays a role as well as pure donor fatigue. Our beneficiaries on the other hand, increase in number as the pressures on their livelihood increase and we attempt to hold the tide of poverty at bay. In short, we cannot do without the support of Elingo.”

Elingo’s support helps equip Viva Foundation with the ability and resources to assist informal entrepreneurs and transfer much- needed skills.

“Our other services, including education and sexual violence prevention, have made a remarkable impact in the lives of our beneficiaries. We are able to provide quality education where it is needed most and the impact in the lives of these children will no doubt be seen far into the future. Already schools are reporting that children from our centre (from the small ones to our Youth in the Switch On Youth – Learning to Learn programme – fare well and their performance are improving,” Berry-Kriel continues.

Brechtje Cilliers, Business Process and HR Manager at Elingo says the Foundation’s emphasis on skills development is something the ICT company can relate to, and the organisation’s determination to make a real impact on communities is a passion that Elingo shares.

“Education provides the platform for our future workforce - as Elingo provides services to our customers we realise the importance of education and skills development. A services company is only as good as the people they employ. Employing the right people with the right skill in the right industry and company makes good business sense,” says Cilliers.

“When businesses grow and develop they need smart technology and this is where we specialise thus business development will ensure that we as Elingo has a bright and sparkly future,” she adds.



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