Q&A with David Taitz, co-founder of hubble

Tell me about yourself and the work you do at hubble?

I am one of the founders and directors of hubble - I have a background in sales and marketing, as well as some entrepreneurial experience. I drive the day to day running of the business of hubble and ensure that the business grows successfully and that we deliver on our promises to our clients, investors and other stakeholders.

You recently partnered up with Uber to provide your services to Uber drivers and users. What do you hope to get through this partnership?

We hope to use this partnership as a springboard to grow to all the cities where Uber operates and become the in-vehicle entertainment partner of choice for Uber worldwide. This will ensure benefits for riders/ Uber drivers/ advertisers and ourselves.

Can you tell me about the technology used behind your entertainment hub?

We use a state-of-the-art proprietary content management system designed specifically for in-vehicle use. That is connected via 3G but works off-line - a critical component due to the varying degrees of cellular data availability in South Africa. The content is displayed on Samsung tablets.

What is your perspective around the tech seen in SA?

There are lots of amazing developments happening on the tech front in South Africa and especially in Cape Town. Expect to see quite a few world-wide phenomena being developed and/or tested in South Africa. South Africa is also a great place for testing technology as we are quite far away from some of the major markets and we have a slightly lower cost base than some developed markets.

How are brands using technology like yours to reach out to their target market?

Brands have a great opportunity to interact on a deeper level with their customers and potential customers on a platform like ours, as it is completely opt-in by the consumer, who generally has a 20 minute window - and brands can take consumers on a journey and create a mindset that will make consumers more receptive to their messages. There are also great opportunities for brands to use gamification to engage with passengers,

What is your future goal for hubble?

We would like hubble to be inside Ubers globally. We would also like to become a successful cutting edge technological media platform, that adds value to all riders and drivers

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