Intact Software Distribution wins F-Secure distribution rights

Intact Software Distribution, a dedicated IT security software distributor, has added the F-Secure range of home and business security products to its stable.

Cyber security comes down to predicting and preventing breaches, detecting any incidents that occur, and then responding intelligently and quickly to lessen their impact, says Michael Dahl, Region Head from F-Secure. “This takes a combination of human expertise and software scalability.”

F-Secure’s products offer exactly that, says Simon Campbell-Young, CEO of Intact Software Distribution. “F-Secure employs a ‘Live Security’ approach that combines advanced technology and the latest lessons and insights its team of cyber security specialists bring back from real-world situations.”

This means its products continually and consistently improve users in the four dimensions that are vital to IT security, namely predict, prevent, detect, and respond, he adds.

Campbell-Young says Intact is focused on providing a complete range of security software solutions, and F-Secure is a perfect fit for the organisation. “Our range of best-in-class solutions, combined with the service performance and know-how of our experienced and specialised staff, puts us in the ideal place to meet our customers’ security needs.”

He says that in today’s advanced and sophisticated threat landscape, the more a business knows about its attack surface, the better it understands the risk. “However, as infrastructure evolves, and becomes increasingly complex, the harder it is for security professionals to have visibility of all the endpoints in their networks. This is where tried and tested endpoint protection solutions and practices come in – system hardening, firewall configurations, reputation analysis, access controls, antivirus scanning and automated patch management, all features of the F-Secure range. In addition, these advanced solutions offer smarter prevention capabilities, that feature behavioural analytics capable of blocking even zero-day malware.”

According to Campbell-Young, Intact provides a focused approach to support and technical knowledge transfer in association with its partners, and F-Secure compliments its offerings perfectly. “Intact not only provides solutions, but assists with implementation of the products where needed. We are specifically focused on customer satisfaction, aiming to provide and all-round peace of mind, and solutions such as the F-Secure range, enable us to do exactly that.”

Michael Dahl from F-Secure adds that the company is looking to grow its footprint across the continent, and has partnered with Intact as one of Africa’s premier security software specialists. “With research showing an increasing number of sophisticated and targeted attacks against businesses, the need for a holistic approach to cyber is at an all-time high. F-Secure offers world-class security solutions and services that span from risk assessment to vulnerability management to endpoint protection and response," says Michael Dahl at F-Secure. "We are happy to join forces with Intact Software Distribution who provide in-depth expertise in helping partners to implement cyber security solutions tailor-made to defend customers from the latest threats."



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