AIS – the offer of true digital transformation through ECM evolution and DocFusion

Today it is possible for any company to apply systems, manage projects and drive content management to the extent that it actively facilitates true digital transformation.

This is according to Craig Leppan, Business Development Manager at leading specialist software and IT services provider Assimilated Information Systems (Pty) Ltd. (AIS).

AIS is positioned to help clients leverage flexible content creation and benefit from the ability to maintain this capability.

The company’s flagship offering DocFusion is the foundation for effective customer communication and complements advanced Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

“The enterprise content management lifecycle is sometimes used to explain aspects of what DocFusion does. Most ECM players are good at capturing and storing content, but their Achilles Heel is flexible output, and this is an area in which niche players specialise,” he adds.

AIS is agile and uses this advantage, along with its technical expertise, to add value to clients.

“It is about taking control of your business input and output,” Leppan continues.

“What the customer is given today is so often a printed form, which breaks the digital process. So everyone is trying to do full digital on-boarding,

AIS believes South Africa is ahead, with the US and Europe on the same drive.

“As soon as you print it, you break that audit trail. When you do it digitally you retain the full digital history. When you print and fax and scan you are technically in the old ECM,” he continues.

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